NC welcomes students of any nationality of religious belief, subject to all requirements prescribed by the commission on Higher Education.
A. Admission Policies
Northeastern College maintains an “open Admission” policy but selective retention during the three semesters period of their adjustments to the college environment.

1. High School Graduates
a. Must submit the original Form 138 (Report Card) not cancelled by marked “eligible for admission to college.”, NSAT result, and Birth Certificate and GMRC from the school of origin
2. Transfer Students
a. Must submit honorable dismissal and certified true copy of academic records for evaluation purposes.
b. Must submit Official Transcript of Records.
c. Must present a certification of good moral characters from the guidance counselor or Dean where the student has previously enrolled.

B. Non-Admission

1. Northeastern College reserves the right to drop, dismiss, and not to readmit any students who make false testimonies in his application for admission.
a. A student who is engaged as a party in any pending criminal administrative or civil case/s. More so on, when the student/s in convicted due to this case.
b. A student who is a member of unrecognized school and community fraternities, sororities, associations and organizations that are against the interest/welfare of the school in particular and the society in genera.