The administration, in line with its mission statement, wishes to bring higher education within the reach of financially needy but talented students. A number of Government Academic Scholarships, grants, discounts and other assistance programs are offered. Application for scholarship grants, students assistantship, working students should be submitted to the President through the Scholarship coordinator. This should be filed in triplicate copies together with the necessary supporting papers. Upon receipt of applications, the papers will be endorsed to the President for approval. Regulations to this effect will be promulgated based on the criteria set for the grants.

1. Entrance Academic Scholarships
a. Full tuition fee scholarship is granted to high school valedictorian
b. Half-tuition fee scholarship is granted to high school salutatorians.

These scholarship are good only for one semester but are renewable provided the student has maintained his academic rating (refer to paragraph 2 – Academic Scholarships). Provided further that the student has not violated any of the rules and regulations promulgated by the grant.

2. Academic scholarships

a. An average of 91% – 94% but should not have grades lower than 85% – FULL tuition fee discount per semester.
b. An average of 88% – 90% but should not have grades lower than 85% – HALF tuition fee discount per semester.

Other criteria for this scholarship are considered in the evaluation of applicants, to wit: a) Good Moral Character; b) No pending Criminal, civil or administrative cases and or have been connected and have suspended for any of the above cases; c) Leadership ability

3. Other Study Grants and Scholarship

a. Private Education students Financial Assistance program (PESFA)
b. National Integration Study Grant Program (NISGP)
c. Selected Ethnic Groups Education (SEGEAP)
d. Study Now Pay Later (SNPLP)
e. Rep. Antonio M. Abaya Scholarship Grant
f. Selected Ethnic Groups Education (SEGEAP)
g. Rotary Club of Santiago City
h. Dr. Inesita Jovonillo Scholarship
i. Erap Foundation Scholarship Program
j. Student assistantship Program
k. Athletic Scholarship Program
l. Editor-in-Chief – School Organ
m. Santiago City Scholarship Program

4. Scholarship requirements

a. Income Tax Returns for the year ended (p45,000 & below per annum for PESFA, and 60,000 and below for SNPLP)
b. Form 138 (Rating Card) & NSAT Result
c. Certificate of Good Moral Character (GMRC)
d. Certificate of rank from the Principal (for government scholarship)
e. PESFA & Others – Top 20 of the Graduating Class
f. SNPLP – Medical Certificate, GSIS/SSS Guarantor